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Changes Cosmetology School, LLC opened for business Feb. 10th 2014. It had been a dream of Kim Duncan and Jayne Shankle, separately, for some time. By chance they met one day just to chat and ended up chatting about that "dream"...that dream of opening a new cosmetology school in the area. After much thought and planning, the process of opening this new school year later and with the shedding of much blood, sweat, and tears, opening day arrived.

"We now have a steady flow of clients and our student base is continually growing"' says Jayne Shankle, Instructor and financial manager. "We get calls regularly from potential students wanting to know when they can start." says Kim Duncan, Instructor and school manager. After three years of working at Changes and training students, Mrs. Duncan made the difficult decision to retire. Mr. Barry Snow has taken the position of school manager and instructor. Welcome Barry!



Kim Duncan, (retired)

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             Mrs.Jayne Shankle Instructor/Owner/Financial Manager


          Mr. Barry Snow

Instructor/School Manager